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Entries from April 2012

Episode 135 - Local Flavor w/ Jonny Meyers and Joe Tucker

April 30th, 2012 · Comments


Longtime pals Jonny Meyers and Joe Tucker stop by for an in-studio performance, chat about Vance's concern for the public school system and witness one of the worst attempts at freestyle rapping of all time. Featuring music by Jonny Meyers and Joe Tucker.

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Episode 134 - Taping Out w/ Marc Scibilia

April 22nd, 2012 · Comments


Adam and Vance discuss how to be commanding yet compassionate in the bedroom and reveal that the best way to avoid embarrassing yourself while dirty talking is by not dirty talking. Singer songwriter Marc Scibilia stops by for an in-studio performance and chats with the guys about his new album, the songwriting process and that giddy feeling you get the first time you license a song to a network crime drama. Featuring music by Rahdale S. Boykin, Swear and Shake, Marc Scibilia and Onward Chariots.

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Episode 133 - The Hunger Gays

April 13th, 2012 · Comments


The guys discuss Vance's lack of Cub Scout merit badges, Adam's inability to commit and how to appropriately conduct yourself if left for dead. Featuring music by Plug 1 & Plug 2, Chappo and Alabama Shakes.

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Episode 132 - Asleep at the Switch

April 4th, 2012 · Comments


Adam and Vance celebrate April Fool's Day a little late with a spirited round of What's in the Bag Babs?! The guys discuss Vance's superhuman threshold for awkwardness and accidentally write the first ever musical about white supremacy. Featuring music by Zeus, Quakers and Stripmall Achitecture.

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