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Entries from August 2012

Episode 3 - Hot Pants! w/ Lauren & Vance

August 29th, 2012 · Comments


Lauren and Vance discuss baby animals, Lauren's hedgehog in particular. Lauren opens up about being epileptic and Vance talks about his spelling test faux-pas. And as always, they give gifts and hug it out.

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Episode 148 - Zine Girls w/ Jeanette Wall

August 24th, 2012 · Comments


Jeanette Wall of The Miscreant stops by to chat with the gang about new best friends, listening to podcasts in bed with other women and hugging it out with Passion Pit. Featuring music by Locksley, Young Zee & Mr. Green and Dumb Talk.

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Episode 2 - Hot Pants! w/ Lauren & Vance

August 17th, 2012 · Comments


Lauren and Vance chat about their favorite animals, Lauren's inability to tell a short story, that time Vance looked like a huge pervert and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And, of course, they give gifts and hug it out.

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Episode 147 - Vice Vice Baby w/ Jack Dolgen

August 10th, 2012 · Comments


Adam puts a bow (and very little else) on his short-lived relationship with a Russian stripper. Jack Dolgen stops by for an in-studio performance and chats with the guys about his new record, dealing with depression and Adam's nipples. Featuring music by Wyldlife, I Self Devine, Fawn and Jack Dolgen.

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Episode 1 - Hot Pants! w/ Lauren & Vance

August 2nd, 2012 · Comments


Lauren and Vance talk about cute things, embarrassing things, nerdy things, give gifts and hug at the end. All that and more on the inaugural episode of Hot Pants!

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