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Entries from August 2015

Episode 275 - Sexy Indifference w/ BETS

August 25th, 2015 · Comments


Adam fulfills a fantasy by accident and Vance prepares for when robots take control of the world. BETS stop by for an in-studio and chat with the guys about unintentional sexism, presidential candidates and the benefits of not giving a fuck.

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Episode 274 - Forced Familiarity w/ Bodies Be Rivers

August 18th, 2015 · Comments


Vance brings an unusual new fetish to Adam's attention and the guys discuss ways to strike a balance between being a sandwich spokesperson and a sexual deviant. Bodies Be Rivers stop by for an in-studio, field a philosophical question and spoil some movie plots.

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Episode 273 - Purplish Tinge w/ Gracie and Rachel

August 9th, 2015 · Comments


The guys discuss where Vance was last week, how Adam narrowly avoided jury duty and why starting your day at 3am in the woods can be inspiring. Gracie and Rachel stop by for an in-studio and chat with the guys about New York-specific freak outs, how circumstances affected their sound and Vance's new form of vigilantly justice. Additional music by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Oddisee.

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